Children often have a unique perspective on life. And their, seemingly bizarre, observations can often prove terrifically profound (and fun).

Take a recent conversation with my son, for example:

Him: “Daddy, you know this coronavirus disaster? What are the seagulls going to do now?”

Me: “Well, no, um, you see they can’t get the virus from humans, so they’ll be okay.”

Him: “No, I mean if we are all in our houses for lockdown, how are they going to get their daily fish and chips if there’s nobody to feed them?!”

As residents of Cape Town, we often visit the Kalk Bay harbour to purchase fresh fish from the local fishermen. There, tourists are a common sight – easily spotted, usually with a chip-laden hand, outstretched toward an assertive and entitled white sea bird.

This lockdown surely has the “politicians of the sea” mightily confused! It’s a real seagulls’ conundrum! Where have all the greasy-food suppliers gone? It’s certainly going to force them to reassess their feeding habits!

Silver lining: Healthier seabirds in a few weeks!

All of this is, of course, a lighthearted take on the current situation we find ourselves in. But like the seagull, we’re also being forced to re-evaluate our own marketing strategies and income models. Somebody moved our chips after all!

As you work through this rough patch, please receive my warmest regards for you, your colleagues and your families. I wish you all good health at this time.