Sharing content is a great way to stay top of mind without breaking the bank. When it comes to marketing and business development, writing and sharing content are undoubtedly the ROI kings of the promotions universe! You should definitely be sharing your knowledge and keeping the lines of communication open.

But let’s face it – who’s got the time to be writing or creating content? On the other hand, if you’re not sharing – your client probably ain’t caring! Below are five ideas to help you get your ideas out quick with it taking too much time.


1. I saw this and thought of you.

Almost every single article online today is shareable via e-mail, WhatsApp or social media. So set your RSS feed to find articles, news items or white papers that will interest a current or potential client. Then share it with them in the most appropriate channel and with a phrase like “I saw this and it brought your area of expertise to mind.” Add a question or ask their opinion – to start a discussion. Then, the next time you share an article, focus on something you are an expert in.


2. Do some explaining.

Journalists and editors are constantly looking for experts in various industries, be it for comment on current stories or a commissioned editorial. That expert could be you! The next time there is a high-profile story that can be connected in some way to your profession, write a short ‘commentary’ that provides some context and explanation for the lay person. Add it to your website or social media profile and tag the journalist or media outlet. Alternatively, ask your marketing or PR person to send it to as many media outlets as possible.


3. Have a do-over.

Have you considered that whatever you need to write is already written? Why not dive into the archive of articles you’ve already written? Choose a story or subject that is still relevant to your market and rewrite the story in a more modern context. Haven’t got an archive? Do a search on the internet and find articles that have been written about your subject. Choose two or three articles, and cherrypick the best ideas from each to form your own article.


4. Do what bloggers do.

The aim of a blog is to translate long-form information into an easily digestible format. Often this entails including a link to the relevant video or story that the blogger is referring to, then adding a little commentary and opinion. LinkedIn provides a fantastic blog-like playground. You can post a link to an interesting video and article, preceded by a comment, or you can write a LinkedIn article and include all the necessary links – with comments added. Simple? You betcha!


5. Get yourself a doppelgänger.

There’s a phantom mass that keeps the world of content and blogging afloat. It’s called Ghostwriting! A great ghostwriter will have knowledge of your field and can match your style of writing to provide content that is written for you, by you 🙂 There are many excellent ghostwriters – one for every industry. Once the ghost has written your story, all you need to do is add your comments and hit send!