For your communications and marketing efforts to be truly effective, they must be grounded in strategy. I help people and businesses design content plans that support their larger goals. From there, we create and execute messaging that’s clear, compelling, and engaging.

Most often, my work entails some combination of generating a strategy customised to help my client meet their goals, providing editorial support and candid feedback, and acting as a point of contact for other team members or communication professionals. I consult on overall branding, strategic messaging, editorial strategy, communications, public relations, digital content tools and SEO.

I have extensive marketing and communications experience in a wide variety of industries, including tourism, entertainment, retail, incentive design, exhibitions, print publishing and law – and my wide variety of skills – from writing, to strategy development, property management, stand building, web development, social media, editing and publishing – are a happy by-product of my 25-year career credentials. I oversee a team of experienced, hand-picked services providers and associates, from designers and writers, to event coordinators and activation experts.

I look forward to the possibility of helping you achieve your business goals.

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